We are a Public Insurance Adjuster that ONLY works on YOUR behalf, and NEVER for the Insurance Company.


A Public Adjuster is a licensed expert a policyholder can hire to champion their interests when dealing with property insurance claims. These professionals were created by the state legislature to ensure fairness in the insurance process and provide the policyholder a knowledgeable advocate. The role of a Public Adjuster involves overseeing the claim, ensuring compliance with claim filing prerequisites, and securing the rightful compensation as stipulated in the policyholder's insurance policy. It's important to note that, unlike insurance company adjusters, Public Adjusters are dedicated to working exclusively on behalf of the policyholder.



.We are here to help you through the laborious process that an insurance claim all to typically becomes...


.Who does the field adjuster that comes to your property represent?


The field claim adjuster that the insurance carrier sends out owes their loyalty to the insurance company. This field adjuster must follow the process that the insurance company dictates - many of the rules and interpretations of the company are arbitrary (not written or defined in your policy) and will change from storm to storm, or a claim event.


The field claim adjuster is typically limited to the line items that are ALLOWED to be written in YOUR claim estimate. This claim adjuster may or may not know how to write a correct estimate? If they do have the skill most of the time "their hands are tied" and they cannot write a full estimate to restore your damage to pre-loss condition. They are told by the Quality Assurance (QA) team to take this, this and that line item out. The field claim adjuster may protest that all these line items are required to restore the insured to pre-loss condition. But the QA manager or insurance company's response is "we understand, we can pay them later, but for now remove those line items."


And because the field claim adjuster wants to continue to work for that company and get paid, they follow the company's marching orders. This results in your claim being "UNDERPAID, PARTIALLY DENIED, or FULLY DENIED."


Remember this - the insurance company is not your Neighbor, not your Friend, as they lead you to believe in their non-stop television commercials saying they "will be there" in your hour of need. They sell an insurance policy to you as a business transaction and to make a PROFIT. The insurance company is not a charity organization - it's duty is to MAXIMIZE their stock shareholders value with MAXIMUM PROFIT. And one of the ways they do this is by minimizing the amount they pay on your claim. As for every dollar they save by underpaying you goes directly to increase their profit. Paying your claim properly decreases their profit!


What they typically offer their policyholders (YOU) is a bare bones repair estimate, with the minimum of everything - materials & labor - hoping you will accept this offer and just go away. Most policyholders do "just go away" with this payment. The policyholder (YOU) do not know how to challenge or fight the insurance company's claims system. They use delay tactics to slow down the process and wear you out trying to jump all of their hoops. They use these tactics because they work, and this makes a greater profit for the insurance company!

Stop the "Delay, Deny and Defend" tactics used by your insurance company!




We DO NOT WORK for the




We work for YOU!


Our First Party Property Claims expert team is ready and able to navigate on your behalf for any loss.


By utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience, we analyze your insurance policy, accurately document your damages with a methodical site inspection and written scope of damages, craft an extremely detailed repair estimate with typically hundreds of photographs that are captioned and annotated, and then determine your coverage options accordingly. We then present the findings on behalf of you to your insurance company and obtain a settlement that fairly covers your damages and repair efforts.  


We typically work on a contingency fee agreement. Meaning we ask for NOTHING up front. You owe us ONLY if we secure a settlement or a settlement greater than the settlement that you received before hiring our services.


No Recovery / No Fee or Cost to You


Allow us to relieve you of the burdens and stresses of dealing with your insurance company because you have enough to worry about.