Estimates & Appraisals

In addition to claims adjusting on behalf of the policyholder we provide additional services:


  • Estimating

  • Insurance Property Appraisals

  • Claim Consulting




We have a lengthy and knowledgeable experience in property damage inspections, scoping and estimating. Having years of estimating experience together with a network of expert property loss consultants there is no limit in the size of property, inspection, and estimate we can do. We ensure to provide you with an Accurate, Detailed, Thorough, and Professional estimate report!


We use Xactimate Software and can offer Drone Fly-overs, Thermal imaging, and 3D walkthroughs.


Let our experts measure, scope, document, and photograph on behalf of you and your clients so you can get back to focusing on what you do best.



When it comes to choosing an appraiser, the process typically unfolds as follows: a dispute arises regarding the assessment of damages to an insured's property. The insurance company offers a vaulation that is an the lower side, while the policy holder counters with their own, usually higher estimate of the damages.


It's important to note that the insurance company is not denying coverage but rather asserting that the damages are less costly to repair than what the policyholder claims. Frequently, the insurer's estimate falls below deductible, effectively resembling a denial. However, since it isn't a formal denial, the case can be subject to appraisal provided there's an appraisal clause in the insurance policy.


When it comes to picking an appraiser, several qualifications are important. Foremost among these qualifications is competence. An adept insurance claim appraiser must possess a comprehensive grasp of insurance matters, proficiency in identifying, scoping and estimating of the damages, effective collaboration skills with all stakeholders, and the ability to present your claim logically.


Select a claim appraiser who not only possesses experience in documenting repairs for insurance losses but also demonstrates a keen understanding of insurance policy intricacies. This is very important, as striking the right balance between these two prerequisites can sometimes be a challenge. An individual may possess a wealth of experience in crafting repair estimates for a construction firm yet lack a deep understanding of insurance policy provisions. Conversely, a retired insurance agent may grasp policy provisions perfectly but fall short in providing a detailed and precise scope of damages, and crafting of the repair estimate in the detail that is required.


The individual that would possess the right balance is an experienced insurance adjuster with a construction background. In Florida and most states insurance adjusters are required to be licensed. Therefore is is easy to confirm the Florida license status at:   License Search  ( ). This adjuster may function as either an independent adjuster or a public adjuster. But what distinquishes these two roles? An independent adjuster, when handling claims can only represent the insurance company or an independent adjusting firm retained by the insurance company. In contrast, a public adjuster exclusively works on behalf of the policyholder and advocates solely for the insured party in disputes with the insurance provider.


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